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I saw your nanny blog

Have any of you heard of this website? It's at

What it is, is that anyone who observes a nanny out in public not taking good care of a child can post to it anonymously, with the place and time they saw them, and a description. Most of the posts are about nannies in NY, although there are some from other cities as well.

What do you think of this, nannies?

I think it's interesting, and not a bad idea (hey, before I found out for certain that SwattingNanny's employers knew she was spanking their child, I thought about posting about her on there!). Some of the nannies that comment to the site dislike it because they feel it gives us all a bad name, and I can see where they're coming from. However, since it is a site that's meant to keep kids from getting abused or neglected, I think it doesn't reflect on most nannies, just the scary ones.

They also have a "nanny of the month" category, where people can nominate great nannies they've seen out and about.

Pretty interesting reading - too bad there's only one entry so far about the city I work in.
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